A monthly party box for dogs

5 or more quality items, valued at over £35, including treats, bones, snacks, toys from brands like KONG, and other surprises.

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Limited offer. Items valued at £100+.

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Try Doggiebag for 3 months

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What's in our DoggieBags?

5 or 6 carefully selected and tested products valued at €35+.

Our customers love DoggieBag

Your dog will recognize the green color of the box and knows exactly what day it is ❤️

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Tailored to your dog

with the season in mind

Great variation in the boxes. Themed to different seasons.

Suitable for all ages, from puppies to seniors.

We have boxes for all sizes, from the smallest to the biggest.

Become one of the lucky pups

Who enjoys DoggieBag every month

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By dog lovers, for beloved dogs

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What are you waiting for?

DoggieBag day is like Puppy Christmas, Birthday, and Easter wrapped up in one box!

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Tail Wag Guarantee

If there is something that your dog doesn’t like, then please send us a friendly bark by email, and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

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DoggieBag is one of the biggest services for dogs in Norway. Every month we serve thousands of happy dogs. DoggieBag is now available to lucky dogs in the UK too.

We focus on quality products, seasonal variety, and excellent customer support. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what our customers say about us.

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