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We've collected the most common questions about DoggieBag and answered them on this page. If you can't find an answer for your question, please contact us.

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How much does a DoggieBag cost?
A DoggieBag costs £23.95/month. There are no hidden fees and we always cover the shipping costs!

What is the value of a DoggieBag?
A DoggieBag always contains items that would cost more than £23.95 in a regular pet store.

How long is the binding period?
There is no binding subscription period and you can easily cancel at any time via My Page.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Logon to My Page, and click Settings > Cancel Subscription. You will receive orders that are already generated, but the subscription will not renew for another month.

How do I resume a canceled subscription?
Logon to My Page. Click the big green button "Reactivate", and then confirm that you want to reactivate your subscription. The subscription will resume and you'll get the next DoggieBag sent to you.

How do I change my payment card?
Logon to My Page. Click Settings > Payment Method, then choose "Register new payment card" and click save. You will be redirected to the payment form, where you can enter your card information.

If you have any registered payment issues on your subscription, you'll be presented with a visible "Add new card" button on My Page.

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Do I need to have sufficient funds in my account to order DoggieBag?
You do not need to have sufficient funds when you subscribe.

When must I order to secure that I'll get next month's DoggieBag?
If you order within the 15th, you'll secure yourself the next month's DoggieBag. Please note that you do not need to have sufficient balance on your card when you place your order.

We do our best to serve everyone that places their order after the 15th as well, but the stock might be limited. First come, first served.

I have two dogs in different sizes and wish to order one DoggieBag. Which size should I order?
Sharing a DoggieBag between two dogs, is not a problem. We have customers who share one amongst two dogs, and customers who order one DoggieBag for each dog. Some decide to test our service with one box before they come back and order one for each at a later time.

Which size you choose if you have a large and a small dog is ultimately up to you, but we recommend choosing the size based on who likes toys best (treats and snacks are easy to share). Can the small one bite over medium size toys? - chose medium. Doesn't the little one like toys? - choose big.

How can I order DoggieBag for two or more dogs?
You can easily order as many DoggieBags as you'd like through our Subscription Form. However, you have to go through this process for each dog, so we know what your loved one prefers to get in his or her DoggieBags.

I have a dog that loves to destroy his/her toys, which size should I order?
If you have a shredder, we recommend ordering a larger size (whether you have a small or medium dog), as these toys are larger and often more difficult for your dog to wear out. Imagine that a small jack russell terrier will use more energy to wear out a toy that is large compared to the dog's mouth.

On a general basis, we would have chosen the medium DoggieBag for a jack russell terrier who likes to wear toys, even though it weighs only 6 kg.

I don't know when my dog is born, what do I do?
If you don't know when your dog is born, you can use the adoption day instead. You can also make up a date or skip the birthday field during the signup process.

My dog is a puppy (or young), and I don't know how big it will become. What do I do?
Order a DoggieBag according to the current size. When your loved one grows, you can easily change the plan on My Page, when it becomes necessary.

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Payment and Payment Cards

Who handles and processes the payment and card data?
Our partner, Nets handles and processes all the sensitive card information and payments. Nets is a leading provider of digital payment services and related technology solutions across Europe, both in digital and physical stores.

Which card details do you store?
DoggieBag does not store your card details. We only store the expiration date and a masked version (492500******0004) of the card number, so your card is recognizable.

How are you able to charge my payment card?
We communicate with Nets' system. Simply explained, "we ask the Nets to withdraw the card for us". In this way, our system never holds the card's sensitive data.

When do you charge my card?
We generate orders on the 16th of each month. We will then attempt to charge your card. For example, the May box will be generated on April 16th.

The DoggieBag will be ordered and shipped regardless if you have coverage on the card when the order is generated. We attempt to charge your debit card weekly until outstanding amounts are paid.

If you have ordered or reactivated DoggieBag later than the 16th, and we have more of the coming month's DoggieBag in stock, we will generate the order manually. The charge cycle will be as mentioned above but from the order date.

What happens if you're not able to charge my card?
We will notify you on email and SMS. You will then have the opportunity to resolve the payment issue without any interest and / or fees.

If on repeated attempts, we are unable to charge you and/or do not hear from you, we will cancel the subscription and send you an invoice (an invoice fee will be added). A normal collection procedure will then be initiated.

It says that my order is unpaid, but I have sufficient balance on the card?
If you've had sufficient balance when we've tried to charge your card, it is likely that there is a restriction from your bank or card issuer. Check that you've not restricted "online shopping" on your card (in your online bank), or contact your bank and say: " are not able to charge my card. Can you please let me know why that is?". Feel free to contact us if the issue persists.

When I register my card I get a "Transaction Failed" error from Nets?
This error is commonly caused when you accidentally enter your account number (or wrong card number), instead of the card number. The card number is the big number, listed on the front of your card. Please contact us if this doesn't solve the problem.

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Shipping and Delivery

When will my DoggieBag arrive?
We have one main shipment a month, all the DoggieBags are sent from Kettering together, so they arrive in the beginning of the month. After the primary shipment, we'll send DoggieBags daily until we're out of stock (usually the first week in the month).

How much does the shipping cost?
We cover the shipping costs! There are no hidden fees.

Does the DoggieBag fit in the letterbox?
A DoggieBag is 25x20x10 cm (with, length, height). The postman will try to fit it in your letterbox. If it is too big, or if you’re not at home, Royal Mail will attempt to deliver your item to your neighbour and leave a card. If they can’t deliver to them, they’ll leave a card and take the item back to the Customer Service Point. You can then either collect it or arrange a Redelivery.

Have you sent my DoggieBag?
You can find a full overview of your shipped orders on My Page > Order history.

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