Terms of Service

Last updated December 1st, 2019

Use of DoggieBag services

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase our goods and services. If you are under 18, you must always have your parent or guardian’s permission.


Doggiebag is a subscription service which is renewed automatically (on the 16th of each month) unless stated otherwise.

Contract duration, cancellation and alterations

There is no set period of contract. You can manage your subscription (alter, cancel or hold automatic renewal) at any time through My Page. Any alterations must be completed by the 15th of the month to take effect on the shipment in the following month. Confirmed orders (packages) generated before the subscription is cancelled or halted will still be shipped.

Payment and charges

We will attempt to charge your account when an order is generated. This will automatically take place on the 16th of every month, or at a manually performed order (by agreement with customer).

The DoggieBag is ordered and shipped regardless of your account having coverage or not at the moment of order generation. We will attempt to charge unpaid packages weekly until outstanding charges have been fulfilled.

Missed payments

A reminder will be sent to registered mail and phone number (SMS) when you have two or more missing payments. The same will apply if you have one older unpaid order.

At more unpaid packages, the subscription will be temporarily halted, and invoice will be sent to registered e-mail. Additional charges may apply.

Unclaimed packages

DoggieBag will inform the customer by registered mail and phone number (SMS) when an unclaimed package has been returned. The customer must reply to this mail or otherwise contact DoggieBag to settle this issue.

DoggieBag will offer up to three shipments of unclaimed and reshipped packages for a twelve-month period. For additional reshipments, additional charges will apply to cover the extra shipping and handling.

Additional charges for shipping and handling will also apply if the order has been reshipped twice or more, is returned, and the customer wishes to credit the order.


DoggieBag offer an open purchase for 100 days. The product(s) returned must be closed, unused and in good condition. Parts of a DoggieBag/package cannot be returned for a refund. Note that DoggieBag does not cover return costs.

User information

DoggieBag will store names, phone numbers, e-mail and addresses for its own use. Card information will not be stored. User information will under no circumstances be sold to a third party.

The customer is required to keep DoggieBag updated with the current phone number, e-mail and address.

Special offers and discounts for new customers

Periodically, DoggieBag may have special offers where the first package of a subscription is discounted. These special offers will only apply to the first package for a new customer. We reserve the right to charge regular prices if the customer is found to have been registered previously under a different e-mail, phone number or address.


By sending pictures to DoggieBag, you are consenting for all rights to that image to be transferred to DoggieBag. DoggieBag may use and share that image with and without logo.


By registering to Doggiebag.no, you agree to accept advertisement by e-mail and/or SMS. We will only send relevant advertisements and offers.


DoggieBag advises against letting dogs play with-, eat-, or use toys, chewing treats or similar items without adult supervision. Small pieces could be swallowed and are potential choking hazards that can have fatal consequences.

DoggieBag is a shipper of dog accessories and is not liable if your dog has an allergic reaction, is not suited for the product, or any other similar situations.