What is DoggieBag?

DoggieBag is a monthly dog-friendly surprise box containing 5-6 quality products such as toys, treats, snacks, chews and practical products for your best furry friend.

We customise the DoggieBags according to the information you provide about your dog when ordering. All our products are hand-picked and carefully tested by our team of dog experts and their dogs of various sizes, with different demands.

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Chief Testing Officer - Jefe

Jefe means "the boss" in Spanish. He's a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff).
Here's a picture of him taking a nap after some hard work.

Jefe after testing items for DoggieBag

Tail Wag Guarantee

DoggieBag will vary every month so it is always exciting for you and your dog. We travel far and wide to find the very best products available on the market.

We know that all dogs are individuals with varying needs, and even though we're proud to include every item that is sent in a DoggieBag, we do offer a Tail Wag Guarantee.

If there is something that your dog doesn’t like, then please send us a friendly bark by email, and we'll work with you to find a solution.

Academic Article

In addition to the exciting products, there is always a product description and a professional article written by one of our dog instructors. The articles are about everything from potty training to dog training and tips.

Why Choose DoggieBag?

  • We ship products from large and small quality companies.
  • A DoggieBag always have a higher value than ordinary price
  • Cancel any time. No hidden costs.
  • DoggieBag helps you stimulate your dog with exciting, fun and varied products.
  • We send healthy and nutritious products every month
  • Tail Wag Guarantee
  • Exciting article in each DoggieBag
  • Fast and good customer service
  • Run by experienced professionals with passion for dogs

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Deceased Chief Testing Officers

When we started DoggieBag, more than 5 years ago we had two lovely CTO's, that sadly are no longer with us. May they rest in piece in dog heaven ❤️



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