Privacy Policy

Last updated December 1st, 2019

Data protection is very important for DoggieBag and we wish to be transparent in how we treat your personal information. It is important to us that your personal information is handled in a safe and secure fashion. Below, we state which personal information is gathered and how it is used. Additionally, we list your rights in connection to the use of your personal information.

When an account is created with us, you grant us access to information about you in the form of your name, date of birth, e-mail, phone number and shipping address. The rules of data protection are established in order to inform you about what information is gathered, why it is gathered and how you can update, manage, export and delete the information about you that we have stored.

Who manages your personal information?

DoggieBag will manage the personal information you supply us with and are responsible for that information according to current legislation on data protection and privacy.

Why we collect personal information

The purpose of our information gathering is to properly deliver and further improve upon our services. We are also required by law to maintain documentation of sales in connection with accounting and in managing any warranties and return shipments.

Personal information will be used to create your personal account with us in order to provide you with an individual and relevant experience with DoggieBag. This will enable a seamless experience regardless of the platform you use to connect with us, whether it’s through a personal computer, mobile phone or a tablet.

By storing information on your shopping cart (in our online store), we can provide you with better support and relevant product recommendations. It also lets you easily retrieve your shopping cart on a different platform (by logging into your account) or return to the shopping cart at a later time without having to search for those items again.

We also collect data related to navigation and browsing on our site in order to improve functionality and services.

The personal information that is collected and processed

  1. The information you provide DoggieBag with.
  2. The information we retrieve while you are using DoggieBag services.

The information you provide
Should you wish to shop at DoggieBag, we will collect and store the information you provide us with. That information covers:

This information is voluntarily provided but is required in order to properly deliver the merchandise and contact you regarding your order if necessary.

Should you choose to charge your order to a card, this will be handled by our partner Nets. Nets is one of Europe’s largest providers of payment terminals both online and in physical stores.

Your card information is sent directly to Nets and does not pass through our server. Nets provides us with a partial of your card number and a so-called PAN hash which functions as a unique link to your card. When we charge your card, our system will state to charge this specific PAN hash for an X amount. The partial of the card number (e.g. 4925 99** **** 9999) will let you identify which card you have registered. This is a standardised and safe practice which minimises risk.

When ordering one of our subscription services, and wish to pay by card, that card will be saved automatically as this is a necessity for providing this service.

When contacting customer service or otherwise communicating with us some other way, the information you provide will be collected in relation to that contact. Be aware that information about your client (e.g. e-mail provider) is also included.

Usually, this will be the information collected:

DoggieBag collects all digital communication, for instance on Facebook, e-mail and similar platforms. This will allow us to provide better service and to make it easier for more than one more than one customer service representative to help a single customer.

The information you provide may also be used in our internal systems testing. This is to make sure our systems work the way they are supposed to.

Information retrieved when using our services
When using our pages, we log and store changes made to your customer profile (e.g. changes to your address or phone number), the items added to your shopping cart as well as the categories and products that have been clicked. This is in order to trace relevant changes and learn what our customers are interested in, allowing us to improve our selection of products and offers. The information is also used to provide you with related products or send you relevant offers (if you have actively requested it). The information is also used for statistical purposes, for instance to measure which segments, pages and products that are more popular.

Like most web pages, we use cookies and similar technology. We use cookies to retrieve information on activity, web browser and client/platform. More information on cookies is provided further below.

What are your rights?

You have access to the essential information related to you on My Page where you can also update and correct that information, as well as change marketing preferences or revoke your consent should you wish to do so.

Right to access:
You have the right to request the personal information we have stored about you, at any time. Simply contact DoggieBag, and you will be sent your personal information by e-mail.

Right to correction:
You have the right to request correction of your personal information, should they not be accurate. This includes the right to fill-in incomplete information. If you have an account at DoggieBag you can modify your personal information on My Page.

Right to deletion:
You have the right to partially or completely delete all your personal information stored by DoggieBag at any time. These are the possible exceptions:

Right to refuse targeted advertisement:
You have the right to refuse targeted advertisement, including profile analysis made for marketing purposes. You can refuse targeted advertisement in the following methods:

Data Processors

We do not sell personal information to any third party, nor do we trade or relay any such information to a third party. A third party will only be permitted access to the information should that be necessary to perform certain actions in order for us to deliver our services to you.

We employ some external companies who deliver certain services we require, who may receive some of your personal information. This list covers the external companies used, what they are used for and the necessary information shared. We have included a link to their web pages.

Who Why Information shared
Rapid Fulfillment Services
Handles our storage, packing and shipping Name, phone number, address, ordering information (items, order numbers etc.)
Campaign Monitor
E-mail newsletter service Name, e-mail, summarised list of purchases (number and amount), the dog's name and subscription (should you have one) as well as loyalty program status.
SMS Gateway Provider Name (in some cases) and phone number
Facebook ads E-mail, behavioural- and shopping information, location and purchases.
Google Adwords
Advertisement in Google’s network E-mail, any purchases and shopping behavioural information.
Google Analytics
Traffic, sales and behavioural analysis Purchases, traffic sourcing, shopping- and user behavioural information.
24Seven Office
Accounting and Invoicing Software Name, address, phone number, date of birth, e-mail and purchase information (items, amounts, etc.)
Customer support by Live Chat If logged in: Name, location, user and any shared information.
Value Accounting
Business accounting Sales information


We will manage your information should you participate in any of our competitions. The personal information will be used by DoggieBag to contact participants concerning the competition before and after it is completed, to identify participants, confirm dates of birth, contact winners and to complete delivery of any prizes.


A web cookie is a small text file of information stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone which is retrieved on subsequent visits. By using our services, we expect that you accept that cookies is being used.

Information packets can be separated into two groups:

Session Cookie
Session cookies are removed when a session is completed, for example by closing your browser.

We use this kind of cookie to maintain your logged-in state while using our web pages.

Persistent Cookie
These cookies are not removed after each session, and usually contain user settings (localisation, menu preferences, etc.). This kind of cookie makes subsequent visits quicker and personalised to the user.

DoggieBag will use this type of cookie to save your shopping cart and improve your user experience.

Third-party cookies
DoggieBag uses some third-party solutions (e.g. Google and Facebook) which also uses cookies. These cookies are used in gathering various forms of information and are beyond our control. We use reputable services like Google Analytics to analyse activity on our web pages. Google stores a cookie on a user’s device (if the browser supports it) for instance to recognise a user having visited our page once- or several times before, or to measure the performance of our web pages.

Third-party cookies can also be used to offer relevant advertisements through other sites like Google’s network and social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You can easily delete cookies or block the use of cookies through the settings menu in your browser, should you wish not to use them. Be aware that many web pages will cease to function properly should their cookies be blocked.


Please contact us on should you have any questions or concerns on how your personal information is managed.

Updating our personal information policy

Occasionally, our personal information policy may need an update. The newest version of our policy is always available on our website. We will announce any important changes to our policy, like the purpose of using personal information, its information managers or concerning your rights.